Introducing the

NGX Curve

Elevate your bar decor and immerse your patrons in music and video entertainment with the unique arc design of the NGX Curve

The NGX Curve delivers powerful music video performance contained in a unique curvy style that demands attention.
This dual screened masterpiece offers the latest hit songs along with the classics, whole albums, music videos, mobile compatibility and integrated digital signage for a mesmerizing audio visual experience.

Provide captivating in-venue entertainment with tens of thousands of selectable music videos that play on the Curve’s built-in widescreen display which can also be connected to additional TVs.

Give your guests access to our digital catalog of millions of latest and classic hits.

Use the Ad Manager to create schedules and run your own custom ads that display on the jukebox and any connected TVs – increasing sales and building your brand.

Illuminated frame and dynamic equalizer move to the beat of the music or can be set to the color and brightness of your liking.

Use content filtering to customize the music available at your venue matching your atmosphere and mood.

  • Sleek curvy frame
  • Dual screen display
  • Dancing visual equalizer
  • Dynamic perimeter lighting
  • Millions of songs
  • Entire albums
  • Jukebox Management App
  • Fully licensed music and videos

  • Over 30,000 music videos
  • Music filtering options
  • Digital signage capabilities with almost 2000 editable templates
  • Background music capabilities with many different channels to choose from.
  • Music selection App
  • Jukebox Dimensions: H:33″ x W:20″

The Ad Manager lets you transform your Jukebox screen as well as any TVs connected to the Jukebox into powerful digital signage! There are hundreds of ways to put the Ad Manager to work for your business:

  • Advertise rewards programs,  special discounts, upcoming events and more by accessing the Ad Manager tool.
  • Upload your own logo to customize existing templates, or use your own pre-made digital advertisement.
  • Promote daily and nightly specials!
  • Schedule promotions in advance by selecting times and dates for your ads to display on the jukebox and on the connected TV’s. 

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