Frequently Asked Questions

Installation is free!

Most installs are about an hour depending on the circumstances and other factors it may take longer once we come to your location and to an evaluation we will be able to tell you approximately how long the install will take.

Yes as long as it’s prearranged, we can come in after hours, we’ve done it many times before.

Yes, unfortunately the day of handshakes is over and for us to provide the best possible service to you we would need an agreement.

Yes, we are dealing with licensed music; typically we pay for the music fees off the top and split the rest 50/50. A whole breakdown is displayed on the screen of the Jukebox when we come in for collection.

Absolutely, we have no problem doing that.

Yes, we would come in and install speakers when we install the Jukebox.

No, our jukeboxes take coins, bills, credit cards and we also have a phone app that your customers can download and pay and play through there.

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